Hero of the Downtrodden


As much a legend and rumor as a known man, the black-clad Blackjack has remained a fixture of Korvosan lore for more than two centuries. The figure known as Blackjack serves the poor and downtrodden of the city, fighting against the injustices of cold-hearted nobles and dark-souled merchants. Although he has not appeared in more than a decade, people have no doubt he still lives somewhere in the city, waiting for the next great travesty of justice for a chance to come forward and render aid.

Because he has existed for more than 200 years, nobody in the city believes him to be a single person. The most popular rumor surrounding Blackjack places him as a series of human men, with one training the next down through history. Another popular rumor claims he is an elf, ghaele eladrin, or some other member of a long-lived or immortal race who exists in secret among the short-lived humans of the city.


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