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  • Chapter 1: The Edge of Anarchy

    [[File:668837 | class=media-item-align-right | 250px | jour1_Z_invite.jpg]] We each received Harrow cards with an invitation written on the back to meet at a house on Lancet Street. Upon arriving, we find the front door unlocked. The house …

  • Chapter 1: The Edge of Anarchy, part 4

    ...insert session log here...

    *Current Initiative Counter* 21 Karralo (last surviving Cow Hammer Boy) 20 Cora 19 Rhin 10 Larn 8 Zallar
    *Experience Rewards:* [[:cora-starlight | Cora Starlight]]: 1,450 xp [[:larn | Larn]]: 1, …

  • Chapter 1: The Edge of Anarchy, part 5

    *Experience Rewards:* [[:cora-starlight | Cora Starlight]]: 1,000 xp [[:larn | Larn]]: 1,000 xp [[:rhinthelspley-the-eel | Rhinthelspley the Eel]]: 1,000 xp [[:zallar-gregoravic | Zallar Gregoravic]]: 1,000 xp

  • Zellara's Home

    *Map Location:* H15 This humble abode is where the ghost of [[:zellara | Zellara Esmeranda]] first met [[:cora-starlight | Cora Starlight]], [[:larn | Larn]], [[:rhinthelspley-the-eel | Rhinthelspley the Eel]] and [[:zallar-gregoravic | Zallar …

  • All the World's Meat

    *Map Location:* S8 This butcher shop has been closed for nearly a year but reopened shortly after the death of [[:king-eodred-arabasti-ii | King Eodred Arabasti II]].

  • Old Fishery

    *Map Location:* S12 Known primarily for producing low-cost, no-questions-asked fish slurry, the Old Fishery was the secret lair of aging criminal [[:gaedren-lamm | Gaedrin Lamm]]. [[File:668391 | class=media-item-align-center | map_old_fishery.png]]

  • Eel's End

    Eel’s End is a tangle of five ships moored to at the eastern end of the Narrows, a clot of decommissioned crafts ruled by a man named [[:devargo-barvasi | Devargo Barvasi]], known to many as the King of Spiders.

  • Gaedren Lamm

    [[File:668380 | class=media-item-align-left | 250px | Char_Gaedren_Lamm2.png]] A local crime lord and villain, Gaedren Lamm is a deplorable crook well past his prime, yet possessed of a tenacious ability to stay one step ahead of the [[Korvosan Guard …

  • Devargo Barvasi

    Devargo Barvasi, also known as the King of Spiders, is a crimelord who runs a gambling house, brothel, and drug den known as [[Eel's End | Eel's End]] in Korvosa's Old Korvosa district.

  • Amin Jalento

    A young nobleman the party saved from an angry mob during the riots after [[:king-eodred-arabasti-ii | King Eodred Arabasti II]]. Once he was save, Amin gave the party a golden ring as thanks and departed.

  • Grau Soldado

    The party came across a drunken Grau during the riots after [[:king-eodred-arabasti-ii | King Eodred Arabasti II's]] death. After convincing him that [[:zallar-gregoravic | Zallar Gregoravic]] was not his friend Neffi from Sandpoint, the helped him back …

  • Verick Vancaskerkin

    Sergeant in the [[Korvosan Guard | Korvosan Guard]] who deserted shortly after [[:king-eodred-arabasti-ii | King Eodred ]] died and took over the butcher shop [[All the World's Meat | All the World's Meat]]. He hopes to profit from the food shortages …

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