Korvosa Locations Organizations Noble Houses Beyond Korvosa Rules

Korvosa is divided into six distinct districts, each with its own subdivisions of neighborhoods, as summarized below.

East Shore: Home to a handful of noble houses, East Shore has no subdivisions within its borders.

The Heights: Nearly all of Korvosa’s power players reside in the Heights, Korvosa’s administrative heart.
Citadel Crest: The wealthiest neighborhood in the city.
Cliffside: Second only to Citadel Crest in affluence, Cliffside hosts much of Korvosa’s aristocracy.
University: Those who dwell here may not own a lot of wealth, but they are undeniably rich in knowledge.

Midland: Cosmopolitan and friendly, Midland is the social heart of Korvosa.
High Bridge: The primary inhabitants of this residential district are laborers or the families of those working in the Korvosan Guard or Sable Company.
Pillar Hill: This is Korvosa’s most demographically diverse neighborhood.
Slope: This neighborhood features a large number of small and private libraries, museums, and other bastions of culture.
West Dock: This rugged neighborhood contains no significant residences, and instead features several warehouses and food processing buildings.

North Point: The seat of Korvosa’s municipal power, this was first section of the mainland settled by the city’s Chelish founders.
Five Corners: A crowded residential ward, this neighborhood caters to the city’s politicians and their underlings.
Mainshore: Once the site of some of the bloodiest battles in Korvosa’s early history, this area is where Korvosa’s truly old money still resides.
Northgate: Many of Korvosa’s non-noble elites and old-money families dwell in this residential neighborhood.
Ridgefield: This is the most crowded of North Point’s neighborhoods, plagued with poverty and desperation.

Old Korvosa: The original site of the city, the oldest district in Korvosa is its most crowded and least affluent today.
Bridgefront: Crowded but narrow, Bridgefront is a dismal and filthy slum.
Fort Korvosa: Once the heart of Korvosa’s military strength, this neighborhood is a decaying remnant of its former glory.
Garrison Hill: Cramped and bustling with activity, Garrison Hill fights a constant battle to avoid the decay and destitution of its neighboring wards.
Old Dock: Only the awful state of Bridgefront’s slums keeps decaying Old Dock from being Korvosa’s most run-down and leastdesirable neighborhood.%

Southern Korvosa: This is the newest district officially added to the city.
South Shore: Much more open than most of the rest of the city, South Shore hosts many of Korvosa’s new nobility.
Gray: Once considered its own district, the city’s sprawling cemeteries are now considered to be part of Southern Korvosa.


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