Korvosa Districts Organizations Noble Houses Beyond Korvosa Rules

G. Government and Military Buildings
G1. Jeggare Light
G2. Longacre Building
G3. City Hall
G4. Korvosa’s Mercy
G5. Great Tower
G6. Castle Korvosa
G7. Scrapper Hall
G8. Riverside House
G10. Citadel Volshyenek
G11. Dawnflower House
G12. Little House
G13. Jeggare Isle

H. Homes and Inns
H15. Zellara’s Home

S. Shops and Services
S8. All the World’s Meat
S12. Old Fishery

T. Temples and Schools
T3. Bank of Abadar
T5. Acadamae
T6. University of Korvosa
T10. Pantheon of Many
T11. Grand Cathedral of Pharasma

V. Sites of Interest
V5. Avenue of Arms
V8. Gatefoot
V9. Kendall Amphitheater
V10. Eodred’s Square
V11. Pillar Wall
V12. Great Tomb of Leadership
V13. Dead Warrens


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