Curse of the Crimson Throne

Chapter 1: The Edge of Anarchy, part 3

A City in Turmoil


Zallar re-examines the brooch and realizes that it matches the description of a brooch the queen would wear.

We ask the captain why the fighting started—the king died, and folks don’t like the queen.
Field Marshal Kroft is indisposed at the moment, but the captain will put in a word for us.

The queen is Chelaxian, and holds much of Korvosa in contempt. As for the Captain’s attitude—The queen is here to serve the City, and she is the the ruler of the City, and he serves the Queen.

We head to the Gregoravic estate. Half way there, we turn a corner and see a mob about to kill a nobleman. Zallar pushes his way into the crowd and bluffs them—“its the Marines!”—the mob flees.
(Scene bonus, Zallar)

The nobleman is Amon Jalento — Walking along and ran into the crowd. Hands us a gold ring for thanks—he heads south to the Heights, near the castle, and we head to North Gate.

We get to the Gregoravic estate, and reunite Alex with the family. We rest and resupply, then head down to the Castle to see what there is to see. On the way, we’re attacked by Imps!
(Scene bonus, Zallar)

We’re being slowly killed by the imps, who have DR/5 silver, but then two house drakes show up to help us. We barely survive.

Cora heals us, and we head to the Pantheon of Many to heal our ability damage. -75 gp each.

As we near the Castle Korvosa, the city gets calmer and calmer. There is tension, but there’s no rioting. We approach the gates, and tell the guards that we’re the ones who brought Gaedren Lamm to justice, and we have information for the queen. They let us in, take our weapons, and escort us to the top of the pyramid—the castle’s 3rd floor. We’re greeted by a stern woman wearing full plate armor. She nods curtly at us—Content Not Found: sabina-merrin the Queen’s handmaiden. She asks why we want to see the queen, and we show her the brooch we took off Gaedren. She leads us to Queen Ileosa Arabasti, and announces us.


In the throne room, we see the mourning queen. We tell her how we got it, and hand it to Sabine to give to the queen.

Brooch was stolen—its a symbol of hope. The Queen says she loves Korvosa, and means to see it protected. She offers us an escort of guards to the Citadel—word will be sent to Field Marshall Kroft that we are on our way. Sabine hands us a small chest, and tells us that the brooch was a gift from the King.

Inside the chest—12 golden ingots inscribed with the royal seal, 100 gp value each. Plus the velvet lined chest is worth something, too.

We leave, get our weapons, and are escorted across the city to the Citadel. The city is tense, but no longer in a full-on riot. At the Citadel, we’re waved through to the Field Marshall Cressida Kroft’s office and the Citadel is thinly staffed. Field Marshall is wearing red platemail, and looks like she hasn’t slept in days.

We’re invited to be agents of the guards.

Our first mission. Verick Vancaskerkin—a deserter who convinced a small number of guards that the Queen will destroy the city. Deserter is more than a lost resource, its an infection. They’re holed up in an abandoned butchers shop in North Gate—try not to kill the deserters—especially Vankaskerkin. Bring him alive and see why he deserted—the bounty is 500 gp if he’s alive.

We head off decide to sell off some loot and buy better gear, then recon the butcher shop, All the World’s Meat.

We sell the loot! 832 gp each/ 5 sp

As we shop, a drunk hugs Zallar—a well-liked watch sergeant in the guard named Grau Soldado—he calls me Neffy and confuses Zallar with someone he knew in Sandpoint. He invites us for a drink, then realizes Zallar is not Neffy and challenges him to a fight. We talk it out—he’s been drunk since the King died, and after a falling out with Vencarlo Orisini, his sword master. He’s depressed. Rhin asks about the deserters, but he doesn’t know Vankaskerkin. He’s not a deserter—just hasn’t gone back to his post since the King’s death. We walk him back to the Citadel.

We complete our shopping then head to All the World’s Meat!

Experience Rewards:
Cora Starlight: 1475 xp
Larn: 1475 xp
Rhinthelspley the Eel: 1475 xp
Zallar Gregoravic: 1475 xp


Malaryal Malaryal

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