Curse of the Crimson Throne

Chapter 1: The Edge of Anarchy, part 1

The Old Fishery, part 1


We each received Harrow cards with an invitation written on the back to meet at a house on Lancet Street.

Upon arriving, we find the front door unlocked. The house contained only a single room with a table and little else. Three tapestries cover the walls and the room held no other exits.
A note rested under a rock on the table.


We trade stories and wait.

We’re all connected to, and are looking for, Gaedren Lamm.
Cora—half elf cleric of Desna (seeks to bring Gaedren to justice)
Larn—tiefling rogue (former ally of Gaedren)
Rinthesplay—human sorcerer (wants to avenge his lover’s death)
Zallar—human swashbuckler (seeks his kidnapped nephew)

A middle aged Varisian woman—Zellara—enters the room, starts shuffling a deck of Harrow cards. My card, that led me here, is not in my pocket.

She tells us that she is also connected to Gaedren. A year ago Gaedren’s thieves stole her Harrow deck. Her son Eiren tracked down the thief and took it back, but Gaedren’s thugs killed her son. She says she wants only justice, and tells us that Gaedren currently hides at an old fishery at West pier 17.

We decide to join forces and capture him. We’ll go to the pier and scope out this hideout. But first she offers us a Harrow reading—



After the reading, we head to pier 17—an old fishery built on pilings over the Jaeger river. Lights shine from inside.

Larn and Ren swim under the building to see if they hear anything or can find a way in. Cora and Zallar stay on the boardwalk as lookout.

As they near the building, Larn and Rhin are attacked by a shark! They kill it and try to climb up onto a lower dock. Cora and Zallar walk down the upper pier looking for them. We noisily meet them on the lower dock (seen by someone from a window on the south side of the building). We go over to search the boat docked behind the fishery, and Cora sees a secret door on the west side of the ship on the water line.

We go inside and are attacked by tiny poisonous spiders. In the fight a few of us are poisoned.

We search the hold and find nothing, then head upstairs, where Zallar is attacked by another spider. And poisoned again.

There’s nothing on the deck of the ship, and no lights on the east side building windows.

Larn picks the lock on the lower door, and we go into a large chamber…and we see Gaedren. He fires at (and enrages) a giant croc (Gobblegut) that leaps from the water in the center of the room, then we fight! Zallar grapples Gaedren while the others fight Gobblegut. A half-orc named Giggles attacks Cora form the doorway.

We knock Gaedren out, and kill Giggles and the croc! We search the bodies.

On Gaedren:

  • Gaedren’s dagger is magical (Zallar)
  • Masterwork hand crossbow with 10 bolts
  • Magical padded armor (Larn’s backpack)
  • Brass key
  • Rusty iron key – used on the strongbox

On Giggles:

  • 2 blue potions
  • Composite longbow of Strength +3 (80 gp)
  • 52 gp
  • flail
  • 20 arrows

In Gaedren’s room:

  • Strongbox with a rusty lock (Used rusty key)
    • Narrow teak cigar case inlaid with jade (25 gp)
    • 2 lb gold ingot stamped the Cheliax coat of arms (100 gp)
    • miniature gold crown (350 gp)
    • A fist sized scrimshaw carving with garnets for eyes (150 gp)
    • Obsidian wand with “miss” etched on it (Rhin)
    • Silver ring: “For Emmah – the light in my nights”
    • Highly scandalous and detailed sculpture of entwined succubi (400 gp)
    • Masterwork shuriken (100 gp)
    • Adamantine arrowhead (100 gp)
    • Masterwork dagger with a strange blade shaped almost like a key (Rhin)
      • Inscribed “For an inspiration of a father”
      • Rhin knows a story—an infamous serial killer in Korvosa—the Key Lock Killer who used a style of blade like this
    • Abolone shell – holy symbol of Shaylin (200 gp)
    • Glass tube (potion or oil) (Larn)
    • Obsidian wand (Rhin)
    • Crystalline vial with silver magical liquid in it (Cora)


  • Brooch (obviously supremely valuable) Depicts a housedrake (pseudo-dragon) (Given to the Queen!)
  • Ledger
    • Complete accounting of his criminal activities in Varisian, encoded (Given to the Citadel)
  • Hatbox covered with flies
    • Zellara’s head rotting, dead for a couple weeks
    • And under the head, her magical Harrow deck

We question/intimidate Gaedren for information—and find out that his Lamms are upstairs.

Experience Rewards
Cora Starlight 1,225xp
Larn 1,225xp
Rhinthelspley the Eel 1,225xp
Zallar Gregoravic 825xp


Malaryal Malaryal

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