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  • Castle Korvosa

    *Map Location:* G6 The centerpiece of the city, Castle Korvosa towers over every other building. Two pieces comprise Castle Korvosa: the Grand Mastaba and the high-walled citadel itself. Together, Castle Korvosa rises high above Citadel Hill. Only the …

  • Shingles

    ​The Shingles came into being only a few decades ago, when urban renewal projects on Endrin Isle pushed [[Old Korvosa | Old Korvosa]]'s poorest people into Bridgefront. As people flooded into the area, they quickly ran out of room. Taking a cue from Kaer …

  • Vaults

    Most cities have sewers. Some can even claim dungeons and deep caverns beneath them. No city, though, has a complex system of subterranean tunnels quite like the Vaults of [[Korvosa | Korvosa]]. Modern Korvosa stands atop the remains of at least two other …

  • Longacre Building

    *Map Location:* G2 The Longacre Building, also known as Arbiter’s Hall, is an imposing building that serves as both a jail and a courthouse.

  • City Hall

    *Map Location:* G3 This large building, once the seat of governmental power in the city (prior to the creation of the monarchy), still houses the various ministries and the myriad offices of the growing bureaucracy.

  • Korvosa's Mercy

    *Map Location:* G4 The largest of Korvosa’s state-run orphanages, Korvosa’s Mercy has a long-standing association with the military.

  • Great Tower

    *Map Location:* G5 This incomplete tower serves the [[Sable Company | Sable Company]] as an armory, a barracks, and a stable for their hippogriffs.

  • Scrapper Hall

    *Map Location:* G7 Although this building is relatively small, the highly regimented work hours that orphans endure here push the limits of legality, and the orphanage’s staff members often clash with the priestly inspectors from both Abadar and …

  • Citadel Volshyenek

    *Map Location:* G10 This impressive citadel houses the headquarters and main garrison of the Korvosan Guard.

  • Dawnflower House

    *Map Location:* G11 While all five of Korvosa’s orphanages are inspected regularly by the churches of Abadar (to ensure everything is running efficiently and legally) and by Sarenrae (to ensure the children are safe and comfortable), Dawnflower House …

  • Little House

    *Map Location:* G12 The smallest of Korvosa’s orphanages is also the newest. Administered by a philanthropic halfling named Bek Blerkian, the Little House focuses primarily on non-human orphans.

  • Jeggare Isle

    *Map Location:* G13 A single squat fort sits atop this low, rocky isle, its roof adorned with several siege engines. These days, Jeggare Isle is in large part a nostalgic historical site from the city’s violent past, and while its defenses still …

  • Zellara's Home

    *Map Location:* H15 This humble abode is where the ghost of [[:zellara | Zellara Esmeranda]] first met [[:cora-starlight | Cora Starlight]], [[:larn | Larn]], [[:rhinthelspley-the-eel | Rhinthelspley the Eel]] and [[:zallar-gregoravic | Zallar …

  • All the World's Meat

    *Map Location:* S8 This butcher shop has been closed for nearly a year but reopened shortly after the death of [[:king-eodred-arabasti-ii | King Eodred Arabasti II]].

  • Old Fishery

    *Map Location:* S12 Known primarily for producing low-cost, no-questions-asked fish slurry, the Old Fishery was the secret lair of aging criminal [[:gaedren-lamm | Gaedrin Lamm]]. [[File:668391 | class=media-item-align-center | map_old_fishery.png]]

  • Pantheon of Many

    *Map Location:* T10 The Pantheon of Many holds shrines to 17 different deities within its white-marbled walls. Of the 20 main deities of Golarion, only Gorum, Lamashtu, and Rovagug do not have shrines present, for these three deities have traditionally …

  • Bank of Abadar

    *Map Location:* T3 More than just a temple to the god of cities, the Bank of Abadar also serves as Korvosa’s main financial institution.

  • Eel's End

    Eel’s End is a tangle of five ships moored to at the eastern end of the Narrows, a clot of decommissioned crafts ruled by a man named [[:devargo-barvasi | Devargo Barvasi]], known to many as the King of Spiders.

  • Noble Houses

    table{border:0px; background:#cac7c7}. |=. [[Main Page | *Korvosa*]] |=. [[Districts | *Districts*]] |=. [[Locations | *Locations*]] |=. [[Organizations | *Organizations*]] |=. [[Beyond Korvosa | *Beyond Korvosa*]] |=. [[House Rules | *Rules*]] …

  • House Gregoravic

    [[File:668559 | class=media-item-align-right | 150px | Wiki_HouseGregoravic_CoA.png]] Once one of the wealthier noble houses of Korvosa, the Gregoravic family is a shadow of its former self. Subsisting on a trickle for trade with the nearby villages, …

  • Locations

    table{border:0px; background:#cac7c7}. |=. [[Main Page | *Korvosa*]] |=. [[Districts | *Districts*]] |=. [[Organizations | *Organizations*]] |=. [[Noble Houses | *Noble Houses*]] |=. [[Beyond Korvosa | *Beyond Korvosa*]] |=. [[House Rules | * …

  • Organizations

    table{border:0px; background:#cac7c7}. |=. [[Main Page | *Korvosa*]] |=. [[Districts | *Districts*]] |=. [[Locations | *Locations*]] |=. [[Noble Houses | *Noble Houses*]] |=. [[Beyond Korvosa | *Beyond Korvosa*]] |=. [[House Rules | *Rules*]] | …

  • Cerulean Society

    By charter amendment, Korvosa does not allow merchants, laborers, or tradesmen to form guilds, but it does allow for a thieves’ guild. This causes legitimate workers no end of frustration and anger. Many of the poorer noble houses bristle at the …

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